The 2Point Difference:


  • Clientcentric approach to Project
  • Communication Integrated Technology to Maximize Efficiency
  • Detailed Metrics to establish Expectations
  • Team Members motivated by a Servant's  Heart

   2Point Construction is What’s Next in Commercial Construction Services.  As a licensed and insured Commercial General Contractor and Construction Manager, the 2Point Team is focused on the client experience throughout the project.  From the initial point of contact, through project closeout, our clients will be better informed, have more method and material options, and have access to the most current technology in the industry.  The 20 plus 2Point Team members provide more than three centuries of aggregate construction experience.


   2Point has leveraged this excess of 300 years of construction experience into being more than just a builder or contractor.  We enter each client relationship with the mindset of a service provider.  As a client, architect, engineer, subcontractor, or other project stakeholder this service provider mindset translates into a smoother, more efficient process of turning construction concepts into construction reality.